Wednesday 10.25.17

Wednesday 10.25.17

Saturday Oct, 28 we are hosting Graceful Girls to raise money for breast cancer patients. Talk to your coach for more information.

Split Squat

With two longer more metabolic workouts this week, we are focusing today on lifting only. The split squat is a lunge performed in sequence with 2 reps on one leg and then 2 reps for performed on the other leg, so a total of 4 reps. The athlete steps forward and out, taking a squat width with the feet, front shin angle is vertical and the back knee makes contact with the ground. The athlete locks both knees back out to the top of the lunge without stepping back in line, and then performs another split squat by dropping the back knee down to the ground again, and then locking out. Once this is complete, the athlete steps the feet back together and switches sides, performing the same sequence on the other leg. Athletes can choose which leg they start with, oftentimes choosing the weaker leg to start as the midline is fresher at the start of a set rather than at the end.

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