Friday 10.27.17

Friday 10.27.17

Saturday Oct, 28 we are hosting Graceful Girls to raise money for breast cancer patients. Talk to your coach for more information.

6 Strict HSPU
6 1 MB Clean + 1 MB Front Squat
5 Rounds

6 1 Front Squat + 1 Wall Ball
5 Rounds

A double Couplet today. Two quick 5 rounder, 5min Couplets, with no rest between them. There is a nice little mixture of Pressing, Pulling (least) and Squatting with a light load. Tomorrow we won’t be going overhead so you should be ok to fight through some of that shoulder fatigue from yesterday’s workout. If you have any.

How it works: 1 rep = 1 MB Clean + 1 Front Squat. You perform that 6 times per each round. Same with the second Couplet. So, essentially it is 2 reps for every 1 rep.

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