Monday 10.30.17

Monday 10.30.17

Thanks to everyone who  came out to support our Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser on Saturday!

AirDyne Bike 65/50cals

30 Cluster (135/95lbs)

Run 800m

15min +
25 Squat Clean (135/95lbs)

The last EMOM Monday for the month! For the first 3 sections you have 5min to get each movement done. We get to rest the remaining time left in those 5min sections. For the last section, the 25 Squat Cleans, you have as long as it takes. However, ideally it shouldn’t take longer than 5min, but you may be a little fatigued from the previous movements AND 25 Squat Cleans is spicy no matter where they are programmed!

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