Tuesday 10.31.17

Tuesday 10.31.17

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Halloween Partner WOD
Zombie Vs Humans
Min 1: Zombie performs AMRAP
Human watches
Min 2: Zombie tries to catch Human
in 100m Sprint.
Min 3-5: Human performs 10 Burpees
if they were caught, otherwise both rest
Switch – Zombie becomes Human and
Human becomes Zombie

repeat with:
Jumping Lunges (reps)
Rowing (metres)

Ok ok, one more day of EMOMS! Happy Halloween! It’s not really a true EMOM.. This Workout is made even better when done in Halloween Costume 🙂 If you don’t celebrate Halloween in the traditional sense, no worries, think of it as a fun mid week partner workout! You will be thankful for that after yesterday’s workout 🙂

To clarify how the Workout Works: Partner 1 (Zombie) performs as many Pullups as possible in the first minute, while Partner 2 (Human) waits. As soon as the minute is done, you both run 100m as fast as possible. The Human will have the advantage because they are fresh and they were waiting at the door for the minute to end. This will mean the Zombie will need to run a little harder to catch them. IF they catch them (finish the run first), then when the third minute begins the Human performs the 10 Burpees the owe while the Zombie rests. If they didn’t catch them, then both people rest until the 5min mark. They then switch positions and Partner 2 now becomes the Zombie and performs the Pullups, while Partner 1 is the Human and waits until the minute is up and then they repeat the whole running part again.

The next round is repeated with Jumping Lunges and the third round is repeated with Rowing. So basically, every 5min a new round starts and every 10min a new movement starts. There will be a total of 6 x 100m Sprints performed for each Person.

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