Friday 11.3.17

Friday 11.3.17

1RM Clean and Jerk

1 Mile Run

Box Brief –
We using the Clean and Jerk in our Fitness Testing because that the rate of improvement for the Clean and Jerk is a little faster than the Snatch (from what we have seen). People tend to plateau in their Snatch due to the highly technical demand of the lift and newbies generally can’t get under a lot of load due to a range of potential obstacles. We still think testing the Snatch is important, we’ll just use it for other purposes.

The 1 mile run is such a painful distance! It forces us to work right around that anaerobic/aerobic threshold, making it a battle between wanting to slow down because of the pain, or being able to maintain a good pace for the whole 1 mile and pushing through that discomfort. This differs to a CrossFit workout where you have more of an option to rest between movements or rounds.

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