Friday 11.10.17

Friday 11.10.17

For time:
50 Wall Ball (Heavy)
200m KB Carry (24/16 kg)
2min Side Plank Hold
200m KB Carry
50 Wall Ball

Box Brief –
It’s a big week, actually, a big month with all the testing and additional Benchmarks we have programmed. Make sure you are paying extra attention to your recovery and days off so you can maximise the testing days and be as fully recovered as possible. We don’t have a solid recommendation on how many times per week an athlete should CrossFit. There are way too many individual variabilities that need to be taken into account, but what we can recommend is that taking extra rest days is always ok if you are not feeling recovered after 3-4 days of trying to overcome it. One day of feeling tired and sluggish is fine, 2 is ok, but more than that and overtraining can potentially has already started to creep in. If you still want to come to the gym, that is ok too, just monitor your workout and only do something that only allows for moderate intensity. However, it is usually time away from the gym that refreshes the body, mind and soul!

Right, back to the workout! Nothing fancy about today, just a little grunt work with a 2min hold in between. We prescribed the loading as ‘heavy’ on the Wall Balls as an additional challenge. Feel free to stick to a regular weight, or add more reps if you like instead. We wanted to get a little light squatting volume in there today, but other than that, we just want people to move and get a little sweaty.

The KB Carry is intended to be ONE KB held in the front rack position. You can’t hold it any other way. You can use either hands, switch as needed. You can run or walk, but most people will use a fast walk as running with the KB in that position can be awkward.

The Plank is performed as 1min on either side, 2min total time. You need to hold a total of 1min on each side, so if you need to rest, don’t include the rest time in your 1min.

Member Announcements:
We are inviting ALL CrossFit Timpanogos gym members to join us Saturday, November 18th @ 8:00 AM for our friendly, inner-gym competition.


•All experience levels are welcome.

•Sign up sheet is on the front desk

•Teams of 3 (chosen by coaching team)

•3 WODS (workouts accessible for all athletes)

•Prizes for top 3 teams!

•$20 per person (all proceeds go to new gym equipment)

•Doors will be unlocked at 7:00am for warming up, first workout starts at 8:00am sharp.

Hope to see you all there for our Thanksgiving Showdown!

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