Tuesday 11.14.17

Tuesday 11.14.17

DB Front Rack Walking Lunges (60/40lbs) (each side)
Heel Taps
DB Front Squats

Box Brief –
After all the Hinging yesterday, today we are switching gears to Squatting! But, yes the lower body is getting a good dose of movement these last two days. Good thing everyone is ensuring adequate and smart recovery. 😉 The triplet contains a combo of loaded Single Leg Squatting (Lunges), Midline/Hip stability (Toe Taps) and loaded Front Squats. Dumbbells are the equipment of choice today. The load is light-moderate. The time domain for today is roughly 10-15min.

The Lunges are ideally done as Walking Lunges with the Dumbbells in the Front Rack. If you don’t have the space for this, you can perform Step Back Lunges instead. The Toe Taps are done using either Parallettes or an object that is at a realistic height for you to clear with your feet.

For both the Lunges and the Heel Taps, the number of reps stated is done PER side. So, basically, you will double the reps for those two movements. The rep scheme will look like this 30-24-18-12-6. The Front Squats are done as written.

Member Announcements:
We are inviting ALL CrossFit Timpanogos gym members to join us Saturday, November 18th @ 8:00 AM for our friendly, inner-gym competition.

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