Saturday 11.25.17

Saturday 11.25.17

5 Power Clean (155/115 lbs)
8 Pullups
30 Double Unders
AMRAP in 16min

Box Brief –
A baseline workout on a Saturday?! Why not? In the words of CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Gassman; “Routine is the enemy. Keep workouts short and intense.”

If you find yourself in the routine of  not coming to CrossFit Timpanogos on Saturdays, you might just be your own worst enemy.

A great simple “CrossFit” Triplet as one of our Benchmark Workouts. A moderately heavy weightlifting movement combined with a gymnastics and monostructural modality. A silent killer. The programming goal for this workout is to challenge people’s fitness (ALL 10 skills!) by setting the reps low enough that you can always go unbroken. The 16min time length is about 7min longer than people really want to be working out with this one, which is exactly why it is that long. As per most workouts, this is when the real test begins.

Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule:
Saturday 11/25 – 7:00 & 8:30am

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