Saturday 12.2.17

Saturday 12.2.17

Partner Workout
While one partner performs:
200-m Double Plate Carry
The other performs AMRAP of:
1 Pull-up + 1 Toes-to-Bar


AMRAP 8 min.
Straight into
400-m Double Plate Carry as a team
* Switch as needed

Box Brief –
This Saturday partner workout is meant to really encourage teamwork and communication! The first portion of the workout is an 8-min. AMRAP in which one person performs a brisk walk/jog with a plate in each hand for 200 meters. Upon returning, they switch with their partner who has been performing a gymnastics couplet of 1 Pull-up into 1 Toes-to-Bar. It is intended for athletes to be able to string these movements together. It is likely that partners will be able to switch about three times before the 8 min. is up. Once the 8 min. is up, athletes go straight into a 400-m brisk walk/jog with one set of plates for 400 meters, with one person holding the plates at a time. The key is for partners to switch the plates at strategic moments where your pace does not slow down.

For an added challenge, we encourage teams to not drop the plates during the walk!

In true partner-workout fashion, we will be finishing off the session with some partner core work! Everyone loves a little bit of accessory work on a Saturday morning with a friend. 🙂

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