Tuesday 1.2.18

Tuesday 1.2.18

4 rounds of:
Every 5 min. perform:
500-m Row
15 Push Presses (135/95 lbs)

Box Brief –
Our focus in January is Squatting! Which includes everything from improving positions and range of motion to going heavy and light across all Squat variations. Partnering with the Doctors at Performance Care Rx, we have created three “Squat Complex” warmups that will help prep the body for Squatting and challenge people to push their range of motion limits a little.

There won’t be a huge change in the number of Strength days, just a slight bias towards Squatting when we do go heavy. Emphasis on the word slight. 🙂 Even then, the focus isn’t so much on maxing out load during these sessions but on taking it as an additional opportunity to move well and refine our Squatting positions.

Today’s workout – In a 5-minute window, athletes start with a 500-m Row. Once they have completed the row, they perform 15 Push Presses, then rest the remainder of the 5 minutes, repeating for a total of 4 rounds. The intention of this workout is for athletes to achieve a 1:1 work-to-rest ratio or better, which is truly a sprint stimulus (2:30 of work to 2:30 of rest), ideally completing 10 minutes of work total. Everything about this workout should be fast, including the transition, so it’s a good idea to mentally prep classes and let them know they will be breathing fire.

The CrossFit Timpanogos 6-week Clean and Lean Challenge –

Prep week: January 1-7th
Challenge dates: January 8th – February 17th
Cost: $30
Sign up at the front desk

To add some extra motivation during this challenge we will be doing it in teams of 3.  You decide who your teammates will be. You’ll need to declare your team in our Facebook group before January 6th.

The team with the highest average scores in the following categories will be crowned the winners and win some pretty amazing prizes:

1. Weight lost
2. Waste circumference
3. Compliance
4. Participation: participation in facebook challenges and movement challenges.

Each participant will be required to upload their own data into the software.

1. Weight lost: You will be required to take a weight measurement (initial 6th, half-way 27th, final 17th). Take them on Saturday morning. Use the same scale for all measurements. Weigh yourself first thing in the morning, before you eat or drink and after you go to the bathroom. Keep it consistent.

2. Waste circumference: You will be required to take your own waste circumference measurement (crossing the measuring tape around your belly button). Measurements will be taken 3 times, once at the beginning, half-way and at the end. Take measurements same time you do your weight measurement.

4. Compliance: Every day you will be asked to participate in a lesson and then respond (yes or no) if you did your daily goal. The team with the highest compliance rate will win this category.

5. Participation: Throughout the challenge there will be weekly facebook challenges and movement challenges. Points will be awarded to the team with the highest participation rate.

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