Thursday 1.4.18

Thursday 1.4.18

5 rounds for time of:
14 Ring Push-ups
14 Toes-to-Bar
100-m Waiters Carry (50/35 lb.)

Box Brief –
Today’s workout is a 5-round triplet of a pressing gymnastics movement, a pulling gymnastics movement, and an overhead carry. All movements are relatively shoulder dominant and will make for a metabolic, yet skill/stability-based workout.

Athletes begin with 12 Ring Push-ups, which will challenge not only pressing power but core stability to maintain a plank and stabilize above the rings (these are performed with a neutral grip). You will then perform 12 Toes-to-Bars, which is a pulling upper-body movement overhead, and also taxes the midline. After you complete these two movements, you are to walk 100 m with a DB overhead, which is another midline stabilizer. This workout is 5 rounds total and is a mixture of shoulder and core stamina based upon where the load is in relation to the athlete.

For the Ring Push-ups, lower the rings to a few inches off the ground so your body is roughly parallel with the ground at the bottom ROM of the movement.

For the Waiters Carry, it’s 100 m total, so you can switch arms at any point. Use both arms and not favor one side more than the other.

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