Saturday 1.6.18

Saturday 1.6.18

Power Cleans (185/125 lb.)
Weighted Pull-ups (25/15 lb.)

Box Brief –

Saturday brings us a couplet of a moderate-heavy barbell pulling movement mixed with a moderate, yet high volume, Weighted Pull-up. At GO, athletes perform an ascending ladder of Power Cleans and a descending ladder of Pull-ups. Each “round” is 11 reps (1 Power Clean + 10 Weighted Pull-ups, then 2 Power Cleans + 9 Weighted Pull-ups, and so on), with the volume of each movement totaling 55 repetitions.

The overall pace of the workout will be a slow grind with strategic small sets to help preserve energy for the final rounds. The two pulling movements (barbell and gymnastics) are supersetted, with the intention of being more shoulder stamina/fatigue at the beginning with the higher volume of Weighted Pull-ups on the front end, then tapering off and increasing the number of Power Cleans, which will be more heart-rate intensive since it’s much more of a compound, multi-joint movement that utilizes the legs.

Use today as a day to challenge yourself  to pick a heavier barbell weight or a more challenging Pull-up load or stimulus than you would normally. Although times will range from 10-15 minutes, we will enforce a strict 20-minute time cap.

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