Monday 1.8.18

Monday 1.8.18

Front Squats

Max set unbroken Wall-Balls
Rest 1 minute, then…
Perform 50 percent of max set for time

Box Brief –

Happy Monday! Time to start out the week with a potent strength session—3 sets of 5 Front Squats with a quick finisher at the end. The goal on each of the sets of Front Squats is to have a near 5RM load, which means that rest will need to be ample between sets (about 4 min.) to ensure recovery.

What’s your why? 

Tomorrow is the start of our nutrition challenge. To kick it off, those who are signed up for the challenge are being asked to share their “Why”. “Why are you doing this challenge?” Or you can ask yourself, “What is my Why?” I really like this topic because it almost always humbles me and re-directs me to what matters most in my life. It is more powerful than any motivation I can receive from another person. It’s a strong foundation that can carry me day in and day out.

We wanted to include not just the  challenge members for this topic, but all gym members to find their “why”. Share it with friends, other members, a coach, or write it down and keep it to yourself. I promise by doing so you will find a deeper meaning and drive for why you do what you do. You will feel closer to those around you and not lose sight or waste time on negative thoughts and things that don’t matter as much. You will prioritize what matters most. I won’t go into all the details of what my personal “why” is, but I can share with you that Ben, God, my family, and all of you play a big part in it.

Whether or not you have found your why today, tomorrow, or not quite yet. We all have a purpose and our why is gained through life experiences, challenges, hardships, and growth. Find your why.

– Janika

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