Wednesday 1.10.18

Wednesday 1.10.18

3 rounds for time of:
10 Over Unders (24/20 in.)
10 x 3-Point Shuttle Runs (20 m)
10 Deadlifts (225/155 lb.)

Box Brief –

Today’s workout is a jump, run, and hamstring bonanza! It’s a triplet comprised a jumping, yet functional body-weight movement, followed by a run involving change of direction, and a moderately loaded barbell that will leave you feeling jello-legged.

Athletes perform 10 Over Unders with a PVC pipe that is lying on a box. PVC pipes can be weighed down with plates to help ensure that they stay, but only weigh down one side in case someone trips so there is some give to the PVC and it doesn’t take you out. 😉 In the Over Unders, you’ll jump over the PVC pipe and then crawls underneath it to complete a repetition. This can be completed facing the PVC pipe or in a lateral position. Next, you’ll complete 10 reps of a 3-Point Shuttle Run. The 3 points refer to contact with the ground: Both feet and one hand touch at each turnaround. The Shuttle Run is 10 m long, running there and back, or 20 m per rep, totaling 200 m each round (10 x 20 m). The last movement is 10 reps of a moderately loaded Deadlift that is intended to be challenging but unbroken across all rounds.

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