Thursday 1.11.18

Thursday 1.11.18

5 rounds for max reps of:
Max set Push Jerks at 80% 1RM
Rest 1 min.
Max set Weighted Goat Bag Swings (AHAP)
Rest 2 min.

Box Brief –

The intention today is to work at a submaximal strength load for multiple reps. It is intended to be heavy, and the reps should stay under or around 10 per set. The rest is minimal—between movements and rounds—so you will most likely see a drop off in numbers across the 5 rounds.

The max sets are for reps. Athletes perform a max set of Push Jerks—as many reps as they can do without putting the bar down, rest for 1 minute, then perform a max set of Weighted Goat Bag Swings—as many reps as you can do without pausing for longer than 3 seconds.

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