Friday 1.12.18

Friday 1.12.18

1 min. Airdyne (Cals.)
1 min. Air Squats
4 rounds

2 min. Knees-to-Elbows
2 min. Ring Dips
2 rounds

4 min. Bar Muscle-ups
4 min. Double-under’s

Box Brief –

Today’s workout is similar to yesterday’s. The goal is to get as many reps as possible. However, that is the only similarity, since today’s goal is to accumulate a lot of reps (more than 10) for each movement, and there is no weightlifting. All movements are monostructural and gymnastics. We chose a nice combo of squatting, pulling and pressing for today.

Each couplet is 8 minutes total. As the workout progresses, the time efforts increase. Each couplet offers the same amount of total time per movement, but the later rounds are made up of longer efforts. The last couplet is just one round.

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