We believe that our job is to keep our members fit (as defined by CrossFit) for life. Not just today, this month or this year. We are focused on the long run.

Fitness Defined by CrossFit:

Here’s a general breakdown of a class:

Custom Warmup
Every warmup is built specifically for the day’s workout so that your body’s muscles and joints are more prepared for the work. This piece is always coach-led, it changes from day-to-day, and sometimes it includes a game.

Workout Prep
In this part of a class, you’ll review each moving piece of the lifts/movements and determine scales or substitutions. Depending on the day, this piece could also include skill or technique work for the associated movements, or loading schemes to prepare for a heavy day.

Workout Brief
Coaches will explain the “why” or focus of the workout, and then give you personalized tips and strategies so that you can develop a plan of attack.

Each workout offers 3 levels of difficulty (Rx+, RX, and Scaled) so that everyone, no matter how long they’ve been doing CrossFit, or how fit they are, can get a quality workout that meets their needs and abilities.

Warm Down
Some days will end with mobilizing or an optional finisher.

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