CrossFit Training AND Learning

At CrossFit Timpanogos every class is coach-led.  Every movement in that day’s Wod is demonstrated for proper movement and Points of Performance (POP). Each movement is warmed-up in stages. Each movement is practiced before the Wod starts.  Why do we do this?  So that each athlete can safely demonstrate the movement before the Wod, to help each Athlete build proper mechanics, and to build muscle memory for future workouts.  We also do this so we can learn and become better Athletes (yes, we are ALL Athletes).    Every coach (not just here at CrossFit Timpanogos) teaches slightly differently; with their own nuances, flair, and experience level.  This doesn’t mean the movements or expectations are different, rather it means there might just be a little nugget of information or an “ah-ha” moment where you learn how to move better by experiencing a different coach.  Learning to be a better Athlete inside the gym will help all of us to be better, healthier, and happier outside of the gym.

If we move well inside the gym; building strength and good habits, then think of how well we can move outside of the gym and in our daily lives!  Learning to properly deadlift in the gym teaches us how to properly pick up our kids, or grandkids, or fur babies without hurting ourselves.  Learning to properly strict press or push press teaches us how to properly put away dishes or groceries or those tub of Christmas decorations where we have to lift those things overhead.  Learning to properly squat will allow us to get up from a chair when sitting at our desk all day, to get on and off the toilet easily (although the day after heavy squats may not feel easy), and to strengthen our core for everything else we do in life.

These are just some examples of things we learning inside the gym, but there are ways to learn outside of the gym that could benefit you just as much.  CrossFit publishes YouTube videos for nearly every movement for free.  Our programming that is delivered to us via Beyond The Whiteboard (if you haven’t signed up – it’s free for CFTimp members so no excuses) has Vimeo demonstrations for most movements in that day’s Wod.  CrossFit also has in-person, online, and specialty courses for a myriad of subjects ( then click on Education).

It shouldn’t matter if today is your first day or if you been CrossFitting for 10+ years, we should all be learning how to move better – E V E R Y D A Y.  When we ask “what are you training for” – that answer should always be “I’m training for life!”.  Moving well inside the gym will allow you to move well outside the gym in order to live a long, healthy, and injury free life; and shouldn’t that be the goal?!